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What To Do In Austria?

In Austria, the journey is really the destination. Maybe your journey will be one where you explore deep valleys with meadows, go on trains that zip through the Alps or climb up sheer mountains and glaciers. Der Berg ruft!

Austria’s magical landscape is equally matched by its fine arts culture that the Habsburgs spent centuries carefully curating. You can still experience these cultural reverberations, whether you are checking out Rubens masterpieces or watching stallions trot along at Spanish Riding School.

Somewhat surprisingly though, many of the eye-catching sights in the country are modern. The massive color changing Rubik’s cube in Linz, the MuseumsQuartier and sci-fi Kunsthaus Graz spring to mind. A foot into Austria’s urban cities and you will see the country in a whole new light!

The love for good food is also easily evident in Austria. This passion is seen anywhere; be it a chic deli, the farmers market, a fine dining restaurant or a cool brunch spot. A unique feature of the country’s cuisine landscape is how the food and source swings depending on the season. Its apricots in summer, Asparagus in winter, wine, game and mushrooms in winter.

When To Visit Austria?

Spring and Fall are the best times to visit.

Do Indians Need Visa Before Arrival?

Indian passport holders need to have a Schengen visa for travel to Austria.

The Vienna Hofburg Austria's Imperial Palace in Austria
Salzburg Altstadt a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Austria
The Spanish Riding School Vienna in Austria

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