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What To Do In Japan?

Japan is timeless and there is no denying that. It’s a nation with ancient traditions merge with modern day life like it is the most natural thing out there.
Japan’s massive strides in the field of electronics and car manufacturing give us the idea of a modern city but travel around and you will notice just how much of the country is connected to its roots. You can spend the night at a ryokan (a traditional Japanese inn), sleep on futons or walk down the well worn wooden halls of a bathhouse.
The list does not stop there. Why not meditate with the monks or learn how to whip up a quick powdered green tea, referred to as whisk bitter matcha by the Japanese. From the Geishas in Kyoto to the simple beauty of a Zen garden, Japan has plenty in store to enthrall anyone who visits its shores.
No matter where you are in the country, a good meal is never too far away. Japanese restaurants generally specialize in a single dish, usually spending generations perfecting it, and paying close to attention to the entire process, from the sourcing of fresh ingredients to assembling the dish.

When To Visit Japan?

Visit Japan between March to May and September to November because that is when the temperatures are mild and rainfall rare.

Do Indians Need Visa Before Arrival?

Indian nationals are required to obtain a visa prior to arrival.

Mount Fuji in Japan

Other Popular Attraction In Japan