Russia Tour Packages

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Russia Tour Packages

Russia has a lot to offer to tourists. From historic sites and museums to the natural beauty of its countryside and stunning views, Russia is an exciting place to visit. Tourists and travellers of all ages and interests can find something of interest in Russia.
Russia is a large country with many different regions and landscapes. The country’s vast size means you can spend weeks exploring new places without ever retracing your steps or seeing the same thing twice. And because Russia is such a huge country, it’s one of the most affordable places for people on a budget to travel in Europe – especially if they’re visiting from North America or Western Europe, where prices are often higher due to increased costs associated with travelling such as airfare and lodging expenses.
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Kazan in Russia

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What To Do In Russia?

The world’s largest country has it all, be it a vibrant nightlife, idyllic countrysides or cities steeped in history.
If ancient walled fortresses, splendid palaces, and spired churches appeal to you, make a beeline to Moscow or St Petersburg where you will find some of the most cherished national treasures in the country. In addition to that, a few hours away from these cities are historic towns and villages such as Suzdal, Pskov, and Veliky Novgorod, each hiding their own fascinating stories and relics.

Looking for inspiration?

Follow in the footsteps of literary greats like Pushkin and Tolstoy by visiting their country estates. If you are looking for something more adrenaline-inducing, consider skiing down the snowy mountains of Caucasus, trekking in Lake Baikal or climbing an active volcano in Kamchatka!

When to visit?

The high season for Russia is between May and October but it is also the most crowded period. Consider visiting in early fall or late spring. If you are brave enough, a visit to Russia during winter will be equally rewarding although some sights may be closed.
Indians are among fifty-four other nationalities who are eligible for a free e-visa to St Petersburg. This e-visa will also allow access to the Leningrad region.

Popular Attraction in Russia

Moscow in Russia

Moscow is the capital of Russia. It is located on the east bank of the Moskva River, 30 kilometres east of the Kremlin. The city has a population of over 16 million inhabitants.

Saint Petersburg is the second-largest city in Russia, after Moscow. It is an important tourist destination and a major port on the Baltic Sea.

Suzdal in Russia

Suzdal is a city in the Vladimir region of Russia. It was founded in 1152 by Prince Yuri Dolgorukiy. The word “Suzdal” means “across the river”. Indeed, Suzdal is situated across the Volga River from northeastern Moscow.

Other Popular Attraction In Russia

Snowy mountains of Caucasus in Russia

The Caucasus Mountains are a mountain system in the Caucasus region. They are made up of various smaller mountain chains that form an arc from the Black Sea in the west to the Caspian Sea in the east and northeast to the Kura River. 

Volcano in Kamchatka in Russia

The Kamchatka region is home to more than 400 volcanoes, the most famous of which are Klyuchevskaya Sopka, Shiveluch, and Tolbachik. Klyuchevskoy volcano is the tallest active volcano in Eurasia and one of the most active volcanoes on Earth. It is located in southern Kamchatka at the northern end of Kronotsky Volcanic Plateau.


Lake Baikal, often called “The Pearl of Siberia”, is the deepest in the world. This pristine environment hosts more than 3,000 species in its waters alone. There are various hiking trails for visitors to explore. There are also boat tours that allow visitors to see this natural marvel from a different perspective.