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UK Tour Packages

The United Kingdom is an island country in the northwest of Europe, with over 65 million people. It includes the island of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and several smaller islands.
The United Kingdom is a parliamentary democracy and sovereign state. Its capital is London, and its head of state is Queen Elizabeth II. The UK has been a constitutional monarchy since the early 19th century, with Queen Victoria being the first Monarch to have reigned over a largely democratic Parliament.
Many tour packages are available in the United Kingdom for people who want to go there. These package tours allow people to travel with ease and convenience.
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What Are The Most Popular Tourist Destinations In The UK?

London is the top tourist destination in the UK, with over 16 million tourists per year. 

Visit London is the official visitor’s guide for London and provides information on hotels, museums and other tourist activities. 

In second place is the historic city of York, with over 7 million visitors per year. York is a city with a long history, and is also home to two universities, which attract a large number of international students. There are plenty of historic buildings, museums and shops to visit in York, and a funicular railway that runs from the city centre to the top of the hill. 

The historic city of Bath is also one of the top tourist destinations in the UK. Bath is home to many beautiful buildings from the 18th century, including the famous ‘Roman Baths’. The city is very popular with tourists from around the world, and there are over 7 million visitors per year. 

Birmingham is the 4th top tourist destination. It is popular for its canals, wide variety of musical events and activities, a great night life and a wide spread of shops and boutiques.


On the east bank of the River Avon, just north of the village of Amesbury, is Stonehenge, a ring of standing stones set within earthworks. Stonehenge was erected around 2500 BC. The reason behind its construction and purpose has been debated for centuries.

Tower of London

The Tower of London was used as a prison, fortress, and place to hold state prisoners. It was also used to store the Crown Jewels. This building was started in 1078 by William the Conqueror after he took over England. It has been held by various monarchs throughout its history, including Elizabeth I, James I, Charles II, and Oliver Cromwell. Today it is open to visitors allowed inside the tower grounds but not inside the tower itself.


The London Eye is a large Ferris wheel on the banks of the River Thames in London. Europe’s tallest cantilevered observation wheel and the most popular paying tourist attraction in the United Kingdom, visited by over 3.6 million people per year.

Things to do in the UK

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Places to Visit in the UK


Tourists who visit London need to do several things, such as visiting the monuments and landmarks, shopping in the shops and eating in the restaurants! The city does offer not only historic buildings but also modern buildings. Some notable establishments include The Shard (London’s newest skyscraper), Covent Garden Market (Britain’s most famous food market), and Buckingham Palace (the official residency of Queen Elizabeth II).


Edinburgh is a fantastic city situated in the East of Scotland. It is a popular destination for tourists from all over the world. The City of Edinburgh is located on the fringes of the Southern Uplands and lies at a strategic position at a natural breakpoint in the hills. This has helped make it an important military location over time,


Bath is often overlooked in favour of London and Oxford’s larger, more popular cities. But this is all changing with the introduction of Bath’s beauty, charm and history to visitors through tours, walks and activities. The city of Bath has been a hub for tourism since Roman times. Visitors from across the world have been drawn to this wonderful city with its medieval buildings and beautiful scenery. In recent years it has started to be seen as a tourist destination in its own right, rather than just a place on the way to somewhere else.

Why UK is such a hot tourist destination?

One of the greatest pleasures of a UK vacation, however, is the ease of exploring this fascinating country. Thanks to its size – the UK could easily fit into Texas (with room to spare) – you can base yourself in cities such as London or Liverpool and simply take a train or bus to explore other areas. From the nation’s capital, a 90-minute train ride is all it takes to access beautiful Salisbury, and a short bus ride or tour from here will take you to Stonehenge. And if you want to hop from Edinburgh to Glasgow, a one-hour train ride will deposit you in the heart of either city.