What is the cost of living in Poland?

Poland is today one of the countries with the lowest cost of living in all of Europe. And although within all its cities, Warsaw is the most expensive, compared to the rest of Europe, it is still one of the cheapest European capitals.

Here we tell you what the cost of living in Poland is, taking into account expenses such as accommodation, transportation, food and some other extra expenses.

How much does a rental cost in Poland?

The rental prices are always very relative and will depend on the city in which you settle and the facilities that the accommodation you choose has.

To give you an idea, we are going to put as an example the average prices of accommodations that are within the city of Warsaw so that you can get an estimate of living costs.

It is very likely that your first stop will be here, since being the capital of the country there are usually more job offers and in turn, the possibility of meeting English-speaking people is greater.

Regarding the type of accommodation, we always recommend that the first days you opt for a hostel since in this type of accommodation you will never feel alone, the vast majority of guests are in the same situation as you and in turn, the price of these it is usually the cheapest.

To give you an idea, the cost per night per person in a hostel in Warsaw is between PLN 23 (USD 6) and PLN 150 (USD 40).

As you will notice, the price range is wide since it responds to the comforts and location of the different establishments.

If, on the other hand, you want to have your own space and not have to share a bedroom with other guests, you can choose to share a flat, rent a room or rent an entire property.

Prices, in this case, will also vary depending on the area, but on average a rent of a room in the central area can cost you around PLN 2,080 (USD 547) per month.

While renting a two-room apartment on the outskirts of the city can cost PLN 1,646 (USD 433).

How much does transport cost in Poland?

One of the benefits that Poland has is that thanks to its flat terrain and the good condition of its streets and bicycle lanes, it is very comfortable to ride a bicycle or walk, so the cost of transport would be zero or very low.

In the event that your work or your daily activities are far from your home, you will have to consider spending on means of public transport.

In the vast majority of Polish territory, there are bus and tram networks. Tickets for these transports can be purchased at supermarkets, stations and newsstands.

In large cities you will also find the subways, which vary the value of the ticket depending on the duration of the trip:

A one-way ticket for a journey of approximately 20 minutes PLN 3.4 (USD 0.9)

The one-way ticket for a journey of approximately 90 minutes PLN 7 (USD 1.85)

Ticket valid for one day between PLN 15 (USD 3.95) and PLN 26 (USD 6.9) depending on the zones.

Monthly pass PLN 100 (USD 26.3)

Another option is to use taxis, which are obviously the most expensive option. Anyway, we give you the average prices with which they are handled so that you take them into account:

Flag drop PLN 7 (USD 1.8)

Price per kilometre PLN 2.5 (USD 0.66)

1-hour ride PLN 36 (USD 9.5)

How much does it cost to eat in Poland?

Another expense to take into account is that of food.

Clearly, if you choose to cook at home and manage to organize yourself to make monthly purchases, you will be able to better control what you spend and make your money go further.

To keep you in mind, the cheapest supermarkets are Biedronka, Tesco and Kaufland, while Auchan and Lidl are a bit more expensive.

As for the price of basic products, here is a list:

Wine 1 bottle PLN 24 (USD 6.15)

Water 1.5 L. PLN 1.93 (USD 0.50)

Lech 1 L PLN 2.62 (USD 0.60)

1 dozen eggs PLN 7.90 (USD 2.10)

Lettuce1 plant PLN 3.4 (USD 0.90)

Onion 1 Kg PLN 2.90 (USD 0.75)

Potatoes 1 Kg. PLN 2.60 (USD 0.70)

Tomato 1 Kg. PLN 6.40 (USD 1.65)

Oranges 1 Kg. PLN 5.20 (USD 1.40)

Bananas 1 Kg. PLN 4.70 (USD 1.20)

Apple 1 Kg. PLN 3.60 (USD 0.95)

Chicken 1 Kg. PLN 16.70 (USD 4.40)

Beef 1 Kg. PLN 34 (USD 8.70)

Fresh cheese 1 Kg. PLN 24.20 (USD 6.20)

Rice 1 Kg. PLN 3.80 (USD 1.00)

Bread 1 Kg. PLN 3.10 (USD 0.80)


Speaking of clothes, I think the prices do not differ much from other European countries. The prices of clothing in international stores such as Benetton, Zara, Bershka, Stradivarius, H&M, and more are the same. Polish brands such as Reserved, Mohito, House, or CCC also have prices very similar to their international competition. That is, you could buy a sweater for 50 or 90 zlotys and pants for 60 – 150 zl in less expensive stores.

In Poland, there are also plenty of second-hand shops where you can find real pearls for as little as 5, 10, 15, or 20 zlotys. If you do not mind buying what is already used, you can become a glamour for little money.

This post has been a bit long but I could mention a lot more things. I hope you liked it. In the next articles I will tell you more about the cost of living in Poland and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to write to me here, in the comments.

Extra expenses

Finally, we are going to talk about those expenses that are not essential, but that you will surely have.

A meal in an à la carte restaurant for two, including dessert, can cost you PLN 120 (USD 30.70).

A menu of the day in a cheap restaurant will cost you around PLN 25 (USD 6.40). A menu at McDonald’s or Burger King will cost you PLN 20 (USD 5.15).

Now, if you like to go out for a drink with friends, keep in mind that a 0.33 L bottle of imported beer will cost you PLN 8 (USD 2.10) while a 0.5 L domestic beer will cost you around PLN 8. (USD 2.05). A 0.33 L bottle of Coca-Cola or Pepsi will cost you PLN 4.30 (USD 1.10).

For its part, a ticket to the cinema will cost you around PLN 25 (USD 6.40).

Renting a tennis court for one hour PLN 52 (USD 13.40).

A monthly pass to a gym PLN 103 (USD 26.40).

Regarding services in general, keep in mind that you will spend around PLN 120 (USD 32) on the Internet per month depending on the plan you choose.

For their part, cell phones do not work prepaid or with fixed rates, but they charge you per minute and the value is PLN 0.23 (USD 0.07).

And the sum of basic services, such as water, gas, electricity, and garbage collection usually costs around PLN 690 (USD 180) although in most cases these services are included in the rental cost.

With this information, you can already calculate an estimate of monthly fixed expenses so that you know how to manage your stay in Poland and see the cost of living in the country.

If you have any questions, you can leave them in the comments so we can help you.

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